TheBest Whisky Lounge in KL

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VintageLounge KL

Our award-winning mixologists are dedicated to the philosophy of creating unique and personal cocktails to suit every occasion, whim and fancy, allowing you to choose from the best of the most delectable cocktails. Recipes are envisioned by the changing of international seasons, conceived by a single exotic ingredient, and even inspired by some of our honoured patrons. Our drinks are designed as a delicious complement to end your day, and sometimes to start your night. Under the bright lights of the Petronas Twin Towers, we invite you to indulge your senses with the exotic herbs, and fruits and liqueurs that have made their way into our beverages.

The lounge at Marini’s is made of velvet and leather accompanied by a perfumed cigar aroma. We understand the hallmarks of high quality cigars, including distinction and consistency. While there are many merely good cigars in existence, Marini’s on 57 only provides the most famous premium and authentic cigar brands in the world fresh from Cuba. Our vintage cigar lounge KL offers a series of fabulous blends in a variety of shapes, strength and size, providing a true connoisseurs choice to accommodate your palate and to complement the drink at hand.